Long Range Bluetooth Module

Long Range Bluetooth Module

Long Range Bluetooth Module


In recent years, Bluetooth has been regarded as a comfortable way of connection between different devices. One of its favorite applications has been wireless streaming of musing files from a computer, smartphone or a tablet to a speaker. However, despite its extensive use, due to its limitations in distance, this feature has had its own setbacks. Up until recently, Bluetooth had a maximum range of about 30M, and if there were walls present in its way, it had a lesser usable distance.

Basic information:

There are different Bluetooth devices and one of the most commonly used standards for the classification of Bluetooth devices is the followings

Class 1: refers to devices up to 100-meter range (normally 20-30m)

Class f: refers to devices up to 30-meter range (normally 5-10m)

It should be mentioned that other than the choice of the transmitter, the range also depends on the mobile phone that receives the signals. Also, other involved parameters for the proper reception of Bluetooth signals include atmospheric, urban conditions. At higher ranges, the transmission speed gets slower.

Recent progress

Due to the 30m limitation on Bluetooth connections, the idea of introducing the Long Range Bluetooth which could last longer, allowing long-distance connections at the range of 100M – 200M was introduced and later developed. The technology is called Long Range Distance Bluetooth. There are currently numerous Long Distance Bluetooth modules offered by different companies one of which is introduced below.

Bluetooth radio receiver

AIR cable Host XR3’s Bluetooth radio receiver


The Air cable Host XR3’s Bluetooth radio receiver is more sensitive and active than an average Bluetooth device. Other standard Bluetooth dongles provide something less in specifications of the Air cable Host XR3’s according to the following features.

  • Built on AIR cable XR™ long-range technology
  • 1 km external antenna included
  • Extended range of up to 10 km***
  • No external power needed
  • Aluminum case for reduced interference and increased sensitivity


The only Long Range Bluetooth sub dongle is the AIRCABLE HOST XR3. This device is equipped with an extremely powerful and high sensitive and active Bluetooth transmitter; it can achieve an unparalleled range of up to 30 km with the extended range of up to 2km and a 9 dbi Omnidirectional antenna.

It is capable of extending a range of weaker Bluetooth devices like cell phones and headsets by hundreds of meters. This Bluetooth receiver can handle virtually any Bluetooth profile available, and it connects to any computer with a Bluetooth connection.

It uses standard data, streaming data, headsets communication, and stereo headphone communication.

extend Bluetooth


A Long Range Bluetooth device is now gradually regarded as the user’s choice. Unlike the normal Bluetooth devices which get disconnected at 30m distances, a Long Range Bluetooth device will maintain a long-lasting relationship, and it doesn’t disconnect. This device can be connected to a Bluetooth device, computer, Smartphone and other Bluetooth receivers which are far away from the Long Range Bluetooth receiver while maintaining standard features of a Bluetooth connection.

It should be mentioned that the power consumption of Long Range Bluetooth devices can’t be underestimated, it satisfies all that you would ever need it for, and it’s an outstanding technological development.

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