Importance of 3D CAD modeling in Mechanical engineering design

Importance of 3D CAD modeling in Mechanical engineering design

Importance of 3D CAD modeling in Mechanical engineering design

CAD modeling

The computer-aided (CAD) system is the use of computer software to help in creating, analysis, modifications or optimizing a design. CAD uses curves and figures in 2D space or curved surfaces in 3D space to generate an output in the form of electronic files for printing, matching or other manufacturing operations. In mechanical engineering, CAD modeling can be used for 2D drawings or 3D modeling of components from the conceptual design to the assembling of these components.

3D CAD Model

Importance of 3D CAD modeling in Mechanical engineering design

3D CAD modeling is a strong method which is being used in the designing of mechanical components. There are lots of difficulties when you create mechanical drawings by hands, but CAD tools provide precision and easiness for creating drawings. 3D CAD modeling provides lots of benefits to the mechanical companies. Let us take a look at some of them in a concise manner.

1. Better design quality

There are lots of the standard templates already present in CAD software so that designers can use these ready-made templates to accurately design their own designs. A CAD software also checks the existing errors in a design so that these errors can be removed before the final design.


2. Documentation made easy

The documentation is a very important step while producing any design. Documentation is just part of any design work like the bill of material, geometries, product dimensions, material specifications, etc. Traditionally, the documentation of a design was made by hand or a software and it was a difficult and time-consuming process. But nowadays, CAD software provides all these documentations in just one click.

3. Saving data and drawings for future

3D CAD tools can save data and drawing which can be used in future. This feature of CAD tools saves the designers’ time and efforts so that designers can improve their productivity by using them.

4. Design time reduction

CAD modeling provides faster development of a design. It gives you the option to see your design in a virtual form and gives you the flexibility to easily change or remove errors. It also helps engineers in completing their design faster and getting the mechanical components into manufacturing.

5. Cost Optimization

3D CAD tools come with the numerous standard design components, which save engineers who always have trouble in making a design from scratch. So, it saves the time and optimizes the cost of the product.

6. Design flexibility

Computer-aided tools provide flexibility in developing a design. When an engineer makes the design of a product, there may be errors in the design. In order to remove these design errors, CAD tools provide the flexibility in changing a design easily.

7. Global standard compliance

When a design is developed by CAD tools it complies with some global standards. Since CAD tools are made in compliance with international standards, the designs will also meet such international standard as BSI, DIN, ANSI, GB, CSN, GOST, and ISO that are supported by the majority of the existing CAD software.

8.Better visualization for clients

3D CAD tools provide the best visualization of the mechanical components designed in 3D. These designs can be animated to help designers or clients observing the detailed working of the components.

9. Making the design ready for the prototyping

The design is the first step to make bringing an idea into reality. After a design is accurately made, it would be possible to go to the next step which is the prototyping step. This step is the last step before sending the design to a manufacturer for the production.

Prototyping has several stages before a fully functional prototype is made. A CAD software can easily incorporate all the needed modifications and make the design ready for the next step.

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