How to use Cooking Robots in your kitchen

How to use Cooking Robots in your kitchen

How to use Cooking Robots in your kitchen

Background of Cooking Robots:

It is important to properly take care of your body and health. This can be achieved in many ways. But one important way to take care of our health is by gaining healthy food. But nowadays in our busy life because of the tight schedules, people tend to approach fast-food instead of preparing healthy meals at home which leads to severe diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Concerned about these issues and noticing the increased rate of consumers for healthy eating, there are some cooking robots which enable us to cook the food. These fully cooking automated robots which can be operated remotely using an APP, cook like a master chef, and even cleans up afterward.

robot chef

Using a robot in kitchens


Some Famous Robotic Chefs:

  1. Robot chef

This device is a fully automated and smart robot that can cook over 200 meals from world top chefs without any human intervention. It will learn recipes, cooks them and cleans up after cooking. It can even imitate the action of a master chef so that it can cook a variety of delicious dishes to world class standard to the domestic kitchen and other food preparation areas.

It can be widely used in hotels, restaurants and even in homes, where it can prepare any kind of dishes difficult to cook.

This robot with its unique features was invented by the computer scientist Mark Oleynik from Moley robotics. In making this robot, twenty motors, two dozen joints, and 129 sensors were used to make it mimic human hands. Its other accessories include a standard robot kitchen which includes oven, fridge, dishwasher, and small appliances with on difference, a pair of large robotic arm replaces the cook. The device is cable of reproducing the movements of a human chef in order to create a meal from scratch.  

Robotic chef

Robotic chef

2. Dialog Oven

Another robot is Dialog Oven, introduced by Miele which cooks the food using electromagnetic waves. It works with an APP that help is to browse the recipe and give instruction to Oven via Wi-Fi. The antennas located on Top and Bottom of the oven emit electromagnetic radiation which has the frequency in the range of 915 MHZ. These waves respond to the texture of the food and it adjusts accordingly.

miele ovens

The Miele Dialog oven

3. Foodini

Another technology which can introduce in the kitchen is Foodini. It helps us to print up tasty, real-life sandwiches, cookies and pizzas .we just need to add the ingredient of the food to the machine and it will combine them all together form a dish.


Foodini food 3D Printer

Future outlook:

Moley robotic is now looking to develop a robotic chef that can be easily integrated into people’s home. The Robot chef now exists in a prototype form with dozens of recipes. It will be launched on the market in 2018.

Miele plans to make the dialog oven available through the rest of Europe. They will sell the Dialog Oven in Germany and Austria in 2018

In short upcoming year, we can replace our kitchen with these kinds of robots so that it will be more helpful during our busy lives.

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