How to Protect Your Home against Drones’ Intrusion on Your Privacy?

How to Protect Your Home against Drones’ Intrusion on Your Privacy?

How to Protect Your Home against Drones’ Intrusion on Your Privacy?

Drone technology is one of the most exciting innovations we have around for now. Soon, we might be having drones deliver our ordered goods, we might even see drones that help us in our daily activity. But are we ready for the revolution?

Movies like iRobot and the Transformers already planted the idea that your drone might be up to something sinister. However, the issue of drones intruding one’s private space recently became an issue, thereby causing several governments to stiffen the laws against its unlawful usage.

Researchers at the Vienna University of Economics and Business proposed a privacy framework, and some other experts provided their take on how to protect your home and your privacy.

We have collected a comprehensive list of ways in which you can enjoy maximum security in the face of trespassing drones.


The Use of Nets

Some drones are small and pesky. So pesky that they are causing disturbance to both researchers and the law enforcement. As a result, the Tokyo Police, as well as the Human-Interactive Robotics Lab at Michigan Tech, are employing bigger drones with nets to catch these smaller, nettlesome drones. It is either done by shooting a net toward the drone or trying to lure the drone into the net. Both methods entangle the drone (when executed adeptly), and it is one cheap alternative you can consider.

Radio Waves

Do you know that drones are usually controlled by one form of radio frequency wave? What if you can successfully disrupt the signal? The drone comes crashing, right? Voila! Using an electromagnetic field gun, the signal can be jammed and then the drone is seized. It even works for very long ranges, almost 1,300 ft. However, if you’re in the US, such devices are illegal and you can’t use them.

Infecting the Drone with Malware

If a police drone worth $35,000 can be hijacked even though it was a mile away, your neighbor’s disturbing drone is a piece of cake. There’s a program which independently seeks out other drones to hack and then gain control of them. There are codes available on Github [5] and YouTube [6] that you can reproduce. However, you need a certain level of programming knowledge to pull this off.

You Can Disable the Drone’s Cameras

Since the goal is just to prevent intrusion, perhaps, that creepy stalker who wants to take a picture of you at all cost, you can easily purchase a device that disables the camera. It scans for wireless signal and then jams the signal. Just like the signal jammer spoken about earlier, this kind of device is also not available legally for use in the US.

Anti UAV-Drone System

Anti UAV/Drone System

Military Grade Lasers

In 2015, a story made the air about one man who attempted shooting down a drone with a shotgun. Really, it’s not his fault, he just had enough. The military has also had enough and now, they are using military grade lasers or laser pointers mounted on armored vehicles. With the Army’s 50kW laser and the Marines’ 30kW laser mounted on the Ground-Based Air Defense, these drones stand no chance. Sadly, it is only to be used by the military.

Military-grade laser

Submit Your Territory as a No-Fly Zone

There’s a startup called AirMap and it is working with 3D Robotics and DJI to build improved geofencing systems which provide live updates. Previously, we have NoFlyZone, a coalition of some drone manufacturers who were tasked with adding addresses of areas where drones weren’t permitted to fly. But then, they shut down quietly without recording much success and now we can only hope that AirMap does better.

Anti-Drone Birds

This is neither sci-fi nor an action flick, it is real and it’s happening in the Netherlands. Eagles are being trained to tackle drones from the sky either to the ground or back to the trainer [7]. Sadly, like some other specialized techniques, it is only available to a select few.

Ask the Owner of the Drone to Stop Intruding

This is as good as it gets, right? If you’re neighbors with the “drone controller” and you cannot afford any of the suggestions provided, all you need to do is to walk up and ask nicely. If the neighbor is understanding, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if he/she balks or feigns ignorance, then you can proceed to inform the person of the possibilities that can ensue.


But for the fact that some offenders use this drone to perpetrate immoral acts, these drones are extremely useful and the development of even more intelligent and advanced machines should be given priority. However, laws should also be on the ground to protect the privacy of the public.

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