How to improve your phone signal strength?

How to improve your phone signal strength?

How to improve your phone signal strength?

The need for smartphones is growing on a daily basis. This is not just because of our calling needs, it is also because we use smartphones for such applications as texting, sending emails, browsing the internet, watching live media streams, and numerous apps that need cell phone signals to work properly. You always need a better signal strength of your cell phone whether you are in a club, home, school, university, or any other place. We need a good cell phone reception at any time of the day or night. Other than cell phones, we use cellular networks for our laptops or tablets. 

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Causes of bad signal strength

In order to better understand how a phone signal can be improved, it is necessary to have an understanding of why a cell phone signal may become week at certain places. There are generally three main causes of poor signal reception.

  1. In rural areas, there are not enough cell phone towers to cover all areas.
  2. Obstacles between a cell phone tower and cell phone cause the weakness of the signal
  3. In most populated areas, users of the cellular networks are greater than the capability of the tower, and therefore, it becomes the cause for the signal weakness.

Ways to improve the signal strength

There are some simple ways for increasing the signal strength including the followings:

  • Uncover your cell phone

If you have cover or case on your cell phone, then remove it. This may improve the signal strength. You should never block your cell phone’s internal antenna with your hand because this may block signals reaching your antenna.

When you use your cellular network, don’t move around because when you constantly move, your phone and network constantly adjust to cater your changing location and this weakens the signal strength.

Conventional cellular network

 Conventional cellular network

  • Get away from obstacles

Obstacles such as buildings and or similar structures block the signals. Therefore, try to get away from these obstacles and change your location to improve signal strength.

  • Keep your battery at least 25% charged

A cell phone takes enough power to accept and amplify signals. At low battery level, there may not be enough power to catch signals from the atmosphere. So, you should always keep your mobile battery charged for more than 25%.

  • Identify the nearest cellular tower

If you know the tower where the signals are coming from, it will help you to increase the signal strength. To do this, you can find a place near to the tower or the place where there is no obstruction between the tower and your cell phone.

  • Try switching between 2G,3G, and 4G

Different locations have different network signal strength. Therefore, try to find the network which has more strength in that place. So, if signals are weak, you can switch between 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE network and finally choose the best network in that place.

  • Femtocell

Femtocell is the technology that uses Wi-Fi calling techniques based on broadband internet connection. This device converts internet connection into the cell phone signals. But these devices are very expensive and so are not used commonly today.


  • Reset all settings

Finally, if nothing else works, then manually reset all settings such as, reset network settings, etc. to increase the signal strength.

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