How drones are changing industries

How drones are changing industries

How drones are changing industries

Introduction to drones

  • How to design and manufacture a drone

A drone is simply a flying aircraft that is remotely controlled from a distance, there are plenty of types of drones in the market that one can choose from. However, it is also possible to design a drone from scratch.

  • The very first step in designing a drone is to write down what would the drone be used for. Thanks to modern technology and sophisticated engineering, drones can perform different tasks and can be used for a wide range of applications. That is why it is important to choose a specific task and job for the drone.
  • The second step is to write down the details of the drone, such as, how fast would the drone travel, what is its flight time, what is the maximum altitude it can reach, how many motors and rotors the drone would have and plenty of other important questions.
  • The third step is to choose the right and proper gadgets and equipment for the drone. Again there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing motors, batteries, cameras… it is important to choose the right items based on the functionality of the drone as well as the budget and availability.
  • The fourth step is to design the drone using a CAD Software such as Solidworks or NX Siemens… this step is extremely important and vital before manufacturing and creating the physical product.
  • The fifth step is to manufacture the parts that are not standards such as the chassis and purchase the standard parts and gadgets such as the cameras and motors.


  • Types of Drones

Due to the enormous amount of ways that drones could be categorized and grouped, there is not a single way of classifying them. Drones could be classified based on their size. For example, large drones are usually more expensive and more professional than smaller drones. They could also be divided into 4 large groups in terms of their wings and rotors which are Multi Rotors drones, Fixed Wings drones, Single Rotor drones, and Fixed Wings Hybrid Drones.

Types of Drones

Furthermore, drones could also be categorized based on their Field of application, such as Military drones, Inspection drones, Delivery Drones… However, most commonly, drones are grouped based on their performance that means certain aspects are taken into consideration such as the flight time, the speed…

The way drones are changing industries

When drones were first introduced to the world, they were mainly used for military purposes; however, thanks to the great effort of engineers and designers, drones are now more available to the public than ever. They can also be used for various fields that not limited to sophisticated applications. This aspect has made large companies and regular customers to contribute to the changing of the way industries work. Below are some of the industries that have benefited most using drones

  • Outdoor Industry: Drones are now used in inspecting Oil Pipelines. Previously, planes and helicopters were used for such tasks; however, due to the amount of money required to just simply fly a helicopter into the air, these companies have switched from traditional planes to unmanned aircraft or in other words “drones”. This has made pipes more efficient and has also lowered unnecessary accidents.
  • Entertainment Industry: Drones are commonly used in movie making and picture taking because of their growing ability to fly and record videos and take photos in ultra-high quality without risking human lives. These features have made drones the best option for movie making. Drones are also used in concerts and indoor environments such as the recording of festivals, music concerts and many more.
  • Medical Field: Drones are used for emergency purposes by tracking injured people in streets and delivering them emergency kits and other important items.
  • Agriculture and the Farming Business: Believe it or not, farmers are using drones in order to inspect their lands and check and see which crops are doing well and which ones aren’t doing so well. Drones also help farmers and landowners inspecting large fields without having to physically go out and march long distances.
  • Commerce: Drones are being used by large companies such as Amazon to deliver goods and items without having to send human workers in order to save money and time by not having to waste time sitting in traffic. On top of that, electric drones are much more environmentally-friendly than cars and motorbikes.
  • Construction and building industries: Architects and Builders are using drones for the surveying of construction sites and the generating of data, thus helping them prepare better building projects. Drones are also used to inspect and monitor construction sites in order to ensure better quality.

Pros and Cons of Drones

  • Benefits of using drones

Due to the many benefits drones bring to the owners and customers as well, they are being used in almost every major industry.

  • Drones can save lives by delivering emergency kits and medical Items.
  • Drones ensure great quality for buildings and construction projects.
  • Drones make the inspection of large fields such as oil pipeline networks and vast farms much easier and more affordable.
  • Item delivery is easier and safer in environments using electric drones instead of cars.
  • Drones can be used to detect intrusion in airports or any area.


  • Disadvantages and drawbacks of using drones

  • Some countries forbid the usage of drones.
  • Drones cannot be used in Stormy weathers.
  • Drones cannot be used under certain conditions such as during a military operation.


Drones are getting better and better every day and that’s why they are being implemented and used by various large companies and facilities in different applications and they will continue to get better as long as the technology keeps moving forward. That is how drones are changing and shaping major industries. If more companies keep on implementing more drones, they will not only change traditional ways things are done but also the whole world.

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