How do Bio Massage Chairs work and Their Top Best Models?

How do Bio Massage Chairs work and Their Top Best Models?

How do Bio Massage Chairs work and Their Top Best Models?

After a stressful long day, there’s nothing as therapeutic as enjoying a full-body massage. That stiff back, the aching shoulders, and the weakened hamstrings all delight at the sight of a masseur. But then, it is not cost effective to visit the spa after every day of work.

Sometimes, you just want to lie on your bed or sit on a chair at home and enjoy the service. You might even want to have the massage while you watch your favorite sitcom. Roland A. Labbe thought of this too and filed a patent application for the idea of a massage chair in 1948.

Early Massage Chairs

The first massage chair comprised a stool mounted on a pedestal. The chair was designed to vibrate and stretch the individual sitting on the chair, in a bid to relieve pain and stress. This chair design was quite intimidating and behemoth. But with time, more innovative models came along.

How Does a Massage Chair Work?

There are different types of massage chairs and their mode of operation is quite different. Some of the most popular chairs and how they work will be discussed below.

The Mechanical Chair

This is a combination of motors, gears, rollers, and vibrating mechanisms, and it has been in use for over 50 years now. These components aid the vibration and cause the user to feel that tingling sensation. Some massage chairs make use of rollers to move in a variety of ways, mimicking the human hands. A microprocessor then records the pre-installed patterns pre-programmed into the chair.

Other chairs are more technical. They have mechanical arms that move horizontally, circularly, and perpendicularly. The user can also control how intense the massage is, depending on the mood.

Modes of Massage


This is when the rollers on the chair move in a circular direction.


When it works this way, the rollers are moving in a vertical direction; up and down the backrest.


This is when the rollers alternate. The movement resembles a thrust, in and out, resembling the “karate chop” style.


Here, the massage chair grips your legs and arms, giving it a tight squeeze. Not too tight though, just tight enough to make you feel more relaxed.


In this mode, the rollers are pressed against some areas of the body. This is usually done to relieve the tension in that area.

The Hydro-Massage Chair

This chair was invented by Frank J. Arzt. Although the design makes use of water, you enjoy the massage without getting a drop on you. The chair uses a waterproof membrane that is similar to that used in the production of waterbeds. There are also several bars in front of the chair that gives the chair its shape as the water pressure changes.

There are also nozzles along the back of the membrane. These nozzles are connected to an electric pump and a heating & cooling system. This pump is responsible for recirculating the water to create that massage sensation.

Hydro Message Chair


Experts use this chair to grip and squeeze large muscles before a while to relieve the tension in the muscles. Airbags are used because of the safety concomitant with it. There’s a good chance that the user won’t be injured or suffocated and the massage will still have its intended effect.

In the chair, there’s an air compressor that connects to the airbags via tubes and another switch that controls each individual passageway. Some other massage chairs work such that the airbags are rapidly inflated and deflated, giving the user that tapping feeling.

Air message chair

Top Massage Chairs

Infinity IT-8500

This is made in China and it is widely used by people who are taller than the average person. It also provides a soothing massage experience and functional foot rollers.

Infinity IT-8500 chair

Relaxochair Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Slowly but steadily, this massage chair is becoming a familiar figure in homes, wellness centers, and even offices. It has 3 zero gravity positions and L-track rollers. It also provides users with deep tissue massage.

Human Joy Touch

For years now, this brand has set the pace in the market and it appears as though the trend is set to continue. It is affordable, yet quality and the chair has automated programs that help you relax.


The benefits of massage chairs are innumerable. They enhance the circulation of blood and also cause relief from stress. In addition, pains and aches are soothed. Massage chairs also correct postures, as well as boosting the energy levels of the user. Thankfully, the technology underpinning the chair has been explained to you today.

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