How can electronic technologies help to secure schools?

How can electronic technologies help to secure schools?

How can electronic technologies help to secure schools?


Schools are open systems. This means they suffer more whenever there’s an economic, political, or social failure in the society. In the past few years, schools have become the prime targets for shootings, stabbings, bombings, and even kidnappings. This has caused the global community to pay more attention to the issue of secure schools.

What are the existing technologies used to ensure security in schools? How effective are these security systems? What does the future hold? Let’s find out.

The Issue of Security in Schools

Barely 20 weeks into 2018, there have been 22 school shootings in the United States of America. A similar onslaught is being experienced in London with 62 recorded deaths as a result of fatal stabbings in 2018. Ideally, a school environment should be an institution for learning and freedom, not a slaughterhouse. Sadly, a safe haven is not an apt description for schools nowadays.

What could be the cause of this disturbing development? Increase in gang violence, teenage deaths, and unrestrained use of illegal substances. What are efforts devoted to ameliorating this problem?

Existing Technologies for Safety in Schools and the Application

Electronic Student IDs for Access Control

The first step to ensuring the security of lives and property is to limit unauthorized access to the school premises. Prior to now, schools employed security personnel to safeguard the gate, however, human prejudice and flaws persist, and these factors made the solution effete.

With digital student IDs in use now, we can be sure that only students who belong to the institution have access to the school.

digital security ID

CCTV Systems

Preventing intrusion is as important as monitoring intrusion. If anything, the knowledge that a camera is out there recording every activity going on deters perpetrators of evil. We currently have cameras which are capable of transmitting information within a network with impressive speed. In addition to that, these CCTV systems can work all round the clock. 

CCTV system’s configuration system


Preventing IntrusionDetecting

Electronics for Detecting and Preventing Intrusion

This is needed to limit the presence of dangerous metals like guns and knives which can wreak havoc. Electronic panels equipped with sensors are installed in several schools now to detect and inform appropriate officials of unlawful possession.

Protection against Data Theft and Corruption

One way to cause trouble in a learning environment is to access the database and corrupt important files. Electronics can be leveraged to come up with some of the best foolproof solutions to hacking and a plethora of technologies already exist.

Future Work

Companies devoted to research and development are not resting on their oars. Even though we have CCTV cameras, many of them are conspicuous and can easily be bypassed. Subsequent surveillance systems will boast a record size which is invisible to the naked eye. This is achievable via nanotechnology.

Also, communication is key. The response time to a school shooting is not optimal. Electronic communication systems which transmit real-life action to the appropriate agencies are being developed and this will go a long way in curbing violence in schools. Furthermore, the current access control systems can be made to be more secure. 


Children are the leaders of tomorrow and it is imperative that we work together to create a halcyon learning environment for them. Encouraging technological advancement is one of the ways by which we can achieve this.

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