Differences between Mechatronics and Electromechanics

Differences between Mechatronics and Electromechanics

Differences between Mechatronics and Electromechanics


Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Telecommunication and System engineering. The basic components of the mechatronics include sensors, microcontrollers, actuators and real-time soft wares. Mechatronics includes skills in programming, robotics, and system development. The Mechatronics Technician has the responsibility of performing mechanical maintenance and equipment building. What they do is to install, setup, repair and adjust machine components and manage the machine’s control system. It is an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary development. By using the microcontroller in a good example of mechatronics system is a robot.


Robotics is the subclass of mechatronics system. One of the main aims of the mechatronics is to reduce the number of mechanical components minimum.

The automated system for the industry is designed by the mechatronics technician.


The device having a moving part and carry out the electrical operation are known as Electromechanical. Most common electromechanical systems are motor and actuators which work in cooperation with the mechanical parts in order to provide movement or actuation.

It is a group of actuators which use electromagnetism effects to cause a mechanism to move. The basic building blocks of an electromechanical device are coils and its electrical properties reflected in almost all devices.

The term Electro mechanics was first termed in 1885.At that time it is basically a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering. Later onwards the electromechanical quickly become the study and application of combining electrical signal and components with mechanical linkage.

The electromechanical system has been used in day to day life like in transportation, massive power generation, home appliances and support devices.


Electromechanical system flowchart

This technology includes electronics, chemical, and mechanical system and it is the advanced form of electromagnetism and physics. In the medical electromechanical field, it includes electromechanical equipment which helps for life support and diagnosis.

In this 20th century, most of the electromechanical devices consist of integrated microcontroller circuit which consists of a number of transistors and programs to carry out the same task through logic and electromechanical component as moving parts.

Nowadays a trend in the electromechanical device is miniaturization which has huge possible in healthcare units and wearable units.


The term electromechanical and mechatronics are somewhat similar but there is a certain difference in some point of view. The electromechanical which is a combination of electrical and mechanical engineering whereas mechatronics includes chip based control.  One of the major difference the mechatronics version and electromechanical is that mechatronics provides more flexibility in design and operation than electromechanical.

The other way of difference between these two concepts s that, In mechatronics which is basically a combination of electronics and mechanical engineering it also include computer engineering, system, and control engineering .the mechatronics engineer should have a knowledge in electrical design, mechanical design, and computer programming.

But in an electromechanical system which mainly focuses on designing the mechanical system which is driven by the electrical system. It is a mechanical system which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy there is no programming or smart control involved in it.


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