Best Software for MEP Design

Best Software for MEP Design

Best Software for MEP Design


Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing(MEP) calculations are critical during the design of the new designing systems of the building. MEP calculations are required to achieve the most extreme efficiency of the structure regarding space distribution, energy utilization, and wastewater treatment, and so on. MagiCAD is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for MEP.

MagiCAD Capabilities

MagiCAD enables Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) structure using Europe’s biggest item model database with more than 1,000,000 manufacturers’ verified items from more than 200 globally renowned producers. MagiCAD offers localization for various country-specific standards and is utilized by organizations ranging in size from single offices to global multinationals. MagiCAD is accessible for both Revit and AutoCAD technologies making MEP design quicker and more straightforward, and in the meantime enabling new dimensions of reliability, precision, and quality.

MagiCAD enables an engineer to precisely design and test the operation of the structure’s MEP frameworks and designing solutions before the actual development begins. When designing with MagiCAD, you have everything necessary to do even the most demanding BIM projects. A functional 3D data model of the whole system offers a more exact and more extensive basis for your work than 2D illustrations. BIM makes it possible to check previously whether specific individual components are reasonable for the arranged installation, both from geometrical space necessities as well as from the specialized, operational perspective. MagiCAD likewise enables precise calculations, registration strategies, adjusting, sections, coordination additionally with Revit’s native clash identification capacities, as well as new dimensions of cooperation between venture partners.

With MagiCAD, the designing is computerized, quick, and precise. Checking the model and the task of various systems is reliable and straightforward. MagiCAD additionally enables accurate and exact estimations on all functional and spatial parts of the structure with only a couple of mouse-clicks. MagiCAD makes a total, simple-to-manage data model that can be used as necessary storage of data all through the structure’s lifecycle, from the early theoretical stage, development, and installation of the structure’s MEP frameworks, to facility management and maintenance.

MagiCAD computerizes many tedious routine tasks in MEP design, including the creation and editing of standard connections, channel and pipe intersections, height changes, just as different more demanding connections and changes, for example, angle-to-horizontal, pipe-to-radiator, pipe-to-water source and other piping connections, erratic decreases, and so forth. MagiCAD assists the sketching of ducts and pipes directly with client definable and adaptably re-sizable insulation series.

The MagiCAD 3D item models are designed from physical items to a high state of detail, with right measurements and specific information given by the producer. Qualities for pressure loss, sound dimensions, warming, and cooling limit just as other details are continuously present in the model, enabling the engineer to make precise calculations during design. The combination of MagiCAD and real products guarantees that your last drawing will be executed as planned.

Integration with Revit

MagiCAD enables manufacturer’s work to be created automatically based on space prerequisites around and between channels, funnels, link plate, fire dampers, etc., including protection. For structural engineers and architects, MagiCAD gives a free coordination module for Revit MEP for supporting and managing with the developer’s work demands. With Revit, the whole task is stored in a solitary model which makes collaboration between the various groups run smoother, and with synchronization, every engineer can follow the advancement of different designers continuously.

MagiCAD integrates consistently within Revit MEP software. If you know how to use Revit MEP, you will start receiving the rewards of the features and capacities that MagiCAD brings to the Revit environment. You can likewise always depend on the start-up help, training, and support services given by Autodesk-guaranteed Revit MEP mentors who have solid foundations in structure services design.

MagiCAD Piping

MagiCAD Piping contains various capacities which spare you time when you design. With MagiCAD, you don’t have to model each bit of pipe yourself. MagiCAD enables programmed connections with gadgets, for example, radiators, fan units, water gadgets, and drainage areas. MagiCAD Electrical gives engineers access to MagiCAD’s item libraries containing a broad scope of electrical items with right geometries and specific information. MagiCAD enables lighting computations through DIALux, mechanized cable routing, switchboard schematics, and developed circuiting capacities in synchronization with sketches.

Guaranteeing clean sound air inside the buildings is a standout amongst the most challenging undertakings in modern structures. Necessities on energy conservation and air quality tend to contradict with one another. MagiCAD enables designers to make the ideal ventilation solution for each structure and gives numerous smart capacities that cut down on routine work.


MagiCAD is a unique and powerful asset for the MEP Calculations. It has a natural user interface, directly linked with Revit and has adaptable functionality. The absence of calculations dependent on the European principles is solved by integration with Solar Computers programming. MagiCAD and Solar Computers are officially being partners and the two software can support one another.

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