Benefits of hiring a product design firm

Benefits of hiring a product design firm

Benefits of hiring a product design firm

1) Introduction to product designing

     1.1) What is product designing?

Product design is a term that indicates the creation of a product (a device, a machine…) that would be sold by a company to its customers. In other words, it is the gathering of information and development of ideas that will eventually lead to a new product while taking into consideration and account on how the item or the product will look, function in a safe and efficient way.

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     1.2) Steps of product designing 

There are 6 steps into designing a product, these simple steps every designer goes through:
1.2.1) Product Concept

This step consists of basic sketches around the idea of the product. It involves how the final product is going to look like and going to be used.

1.2.2) Research

This step consists of gathering various information about the market including supply and demand.

1.2.3) Product Design Development

This step consists of simply using the gathered information and answering certain questions, these questions consist of:
• What is the function of the product?
• How much use can the product withstand?
• Can the product be produced at a cost-effective price?
• Will the manufacturing process be easy to produce the final product?
• Will the process be cost-effective?
• Is the product of high quality?
• Can the product be maintained even after use?
• Which materials will the product be made out of?

1.2.4) Research and Development of the final design

This is the final step of information gathering before the drawing steps, this step consists of choosing and selecting the materials and dimensions.

1.2.5) CAD (Computer Aided Design)

A 3D modeling software will finally create a 3D model of the final product design. These designs will often highlight areas of problems, such as strains and stress.

1.2.6) CAM

This final step consists of creating a physical presentation of the final product design using a computer-aided engineering system. This step is great testing and developing.

     1.3) Product Design Consideration

There are few things that a designer should take into consideration while designing a product. These considerations are:
1.3.1) The manufacturer obviously wants a product that can be economically produced, so a production cost must be kept in mind.

1.3.2) The purchaser and the user does not only care about prestige and looks but also the price tag. So, the price of the final product should also be kept on the mind.

1.3.3) Usability and functionality of the final product or item are keys for gaining the user’s trust and loyalty, so without a doubt, functionality and usability should not be ignored.

1.3.4) Finally, the designers should keep on the mind on how the final product will be maintained, assembled, disassembled, diagnosed and finally how will the final product going to be served.

2) Benefits and drawbacks of hiring and using a Product Design Firm

     2.1) What is a product design firm?

A Product Design Firm is basically a design firm that can be hired by companies or inventors in order to Design a product that is wished to be produced while not only making sure the final product will have the great appearance but also solving problems and errors.

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     2.2) Benefits of using a product design firm

Hiring a product design firm has a lot of benefits and advantages for it can easily and dramatically benefit the production of an industry or company. Here are just some pros of hiring and using a product design firm:

2.2.1) As noted before, Design Firms are great at framing problems and coming up with various different solutions, usually, Design firms have worked with other companies before in various different fields and domains. This can help the company that will hire a designer get new external ideas and have a great opportunity for learning more and getting the job done with almost full certainty.

2.2.2) Speaking of experiences and external ideas, Design Firms usually bring new ideas to a company. This can help Manufacturers get out more of what they do by creating more innovative products. This process can be done by improving either the materials that are used to produce the product or its manufacturing procedures.

2.2.3) Every Manufacturer or company suffers from waste which is a component of cost that customers don’t really have to pay for. These components may include storing and transport. Design Firms take these factors into consideration, for they do not only design products but also search for solutions in the industry as well.

2.2.4) Usually Design Firms come with great experience, this will eventually help the company that will hire a designer regardless of how big or small the company is. If the company is small, having such expertise on its side has lots of benefits and if the company is already big, it will simply add more knowledge and ideas to the table.

2.2.5) Having an experienced Design Firm on a companies’ side will help it save up considerable time; money and effort for the designer will take care of almost everything, from analyzing the market to making sure that the company has enough and the right equipment and materials, all at a cost-effective price.

     2.3) Drawbacks of using a Product Design Firm 

Hiring a product design firm may have its own advantages and pros; however, it is not immune from challenges and limitations such as:

2.3.1) Hiring a professional experienced designer may not be the ideal solution when it comes to creating and producing a simple product, because it will simply be a waste of money.

2.3.2) A company should take enough time into looking for a good Designer because a design firm should not only be good at designing and solving problems and errors but also should be a good communicator and should be able to understand the needs of each person.

3) Conclusion

In conclusion, product designing is crucial into creating any item or product and based on the needs of the company it is most likely that a product design firm should be hired due to benefits that the designer will bring to the company.

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