Artificial Intelligence, AI

Artificial Intelligence, AI

Artificial Intelligence, AI

1) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI for short, is a machine with the ability to solve problems that would usually be solved by humans using their natural intelligence. It is true that this definition may be a broad and wide term however an AI system or machine will likely demonstrate some behaviors that are usually associated with human intelligence such as:

  • Planning: before performing a task, the AI may actually plan and create some sort of strategy.
  • Learning: which may sometimes be called machine learning, which is basically the machine or the program itself will learn as it goes through trial and error.
  • Reasoning: AI’s show some sort of reasoning similar to how the human brain works, and that is how some machines self-teach.
  • Problem-solving: as stated before the main task of AI’s is to solve problems, they do it in a way that almost identical to how would a human do it.

AI’s unique features make it the only technology capable of implementing many applications.

  • Types of AI

When it comes to categorizing things in our modern times especially when it comes to technology it may get a little bit hard, since that there is not only one way of classifying the types of AI’s for example however we can safely divide into two major groups:

  • Narrow AI: Narrow AI also known as weak AI is designed in order to complete and do one task and do it as perfectly as possible, machines that use narrow AI follow a set of rules or in other words algorithms in order to answer or solve a problem; therefore, they can’t deviate or make changes in their algorithms. So, if something is not written in rules, they can’t do it. On the top of that, Weak AI doesn’t have something called machine learning; therefore, if the machine that has Narrow AI can’t do something, due to its inability to learn and self-adapt, it literally will never be able to do it. However, this doesn’t mean that Narrow AI is useless; don’t let the name “weak” confuse you, there are plenty of apps and systems that use Narrow AI such as google maps, and other applications that carry out tasks such as booking hotels and more or less simple tasks.

Introduction to AI

  • General AI: General AI also known as Strong AI is completely different from his counterpart the weak AI. General AI starts out knowing nothing but it adapts itself to solving problems better and better using a network of algorithms that can listen to the feedback; therefore, the key here into learning is the feedback. From the feedback, the AI reshapes the algorithm to adapt to the information and data that it received. This is called Deep Learning. In other words, the machine that uses Strong AI uses the information and feedback provided to it by humans in order to teach itself to better solve problems. Hence, it is learning from humans. General AI is implemented in applications and systems that carry out tasks such as voice recognition, pattern recognition, face recognition, problem and obstacle prediction…

General AI

2) Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

  • Pros of using AI

  • By using AI, the chances of any error is extremely slim, and almost nil thanks to its great precision and high accuracy.
  • AI can be applied in robots and systems that would be used in space; therefore, it would help and ease the exploration of space process.
  • Robots that use AI can replace humans in jobs that are risky and could be dangerous to human workers, such as nuclear waste, deep mining, neutralizing explosives, etc.
  • AI systems can perform repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming if done by humans.
  • AI systems don’t get bored or require rest after performing tasks.
  • Cons of using AI

  • Machines that use AI especially strong AI are usually expensive. On the top of that, their maintenance and repair are also expensive and time-consuming.
  • AI machines may one day replace human workers, such as bus drivers, truck drivers…, which may leave many people jobless.

3) Conclusion

In conclusion, AI’s are extremely important and considered to be one of the greatest achievement of our modern times; however, many people suspect that or think that AI may one day be the downfall of mankind. 

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