10 Tips for Extending the Lifetime of Your Mobile Battery

10 Tips for Extending the Lifetime of Your Mobile Battery

10 Tips for Extending the Lifetime of Your Mobile Battery


Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and it’s almost impossible to achieve anything productive without our phones. One challenge we face regularly is the longevity of these batteries. They do not last long. It is worsened by the fact that having to walk around with your charger is not an ideal situation. Hence, addressing the issue of the lifetime of a battery is expedient. Knowing that prevention is better than cure, how can you avoid to constantly charge your battery?

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Comparison of Existing Mobile Battery Lifetime

What are some of the features which attribute to the behavior of batteries?

1.    Energy Density

This defines how much charge the battery can store in that particular size. This is not to be confused with power density which defines how much energy a battery can supply per time. Most times, batteries trade off increased power density for energy density and vice versa.

2.    Life Span

How long does your battery last? A year? Six months? 3 years? At a point in time, you’ll observe that your battery is no longer as good as it used to be. This is because a Lithium-ion battery has about 1000 cycles before it begins to depreciate. 

3.    Safety

Have you heard of phones just bursting into flames? The Samsung Note 7 should bring a familiar memory. In liquid electrolytes are highly flammable and safer alternatives should be included.

Knowing that prevention is better than cure, how can you avoid to constantly charge your battery? Let’s consider how you can extend the lifetime of your battery:

1.    Operate On Battery Saver Mode

The point of battery saver is to put it in a sort of sleep mode where only some necessary functions would be left active. As the name implies, you get to save your battery and stop charging all the time.

2.    Reduce the Brightness

There’s really no point for your phone being extremely bright. You could set it to automatic brightness which would instantly reduce the brightness of your phone once there is proper lighting. This would definitely extend the battery life of your phone.

3.    Install Fewer Apps

Applications in an actual sense are mainly responsible for the short lifespan of your battery life. This is because once the phone is on, the apps are automatically operating. Knowing this, it is better you try to reduce the number of apps running on your phone. If it is difficult for you to delete some, think of the apps you’ve not used in the space of 2weeks. They are probably not utility apps so they have to go.

4.    Go Easy On the Screen Timeout

As insignificant as it may seem, your phones screen timeout is actually a big deal. In order to make your phone battery last long, you have to reduce the screen timeout to a minimum. This would constantly put your device in a sleep mode which operates on less battery life.

5.    Always Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are essential for the functional operation of your phone. The sad part is they consume battery life. So, try to make it a habit by turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever you’re not actively using it.

6.    Ensure You Don’t Over Charge the Battery

Once your phone battery gets to 100%, try unplugging it. Although, there are new generation batteries which overcharge is not a problem. What they do when the phone gets full is to discharge it and recharge it. It would keep on repeating this process till you finally unplug it.

7.  Reduce Notifications

When your phone has to recover new notification every five minutes, it affects the battery life of the phone. This is because of the fact that your phone has to link to a server every time a new notification pops up. So, turning off push notification would definitely extend the battery life of your phone.

8.  Always Clear Running Apps

Nothing drains a phone battery faster than apps running in the background. Apps running in the background are more or less operating normally. To fully utilize this tip, you need to ensure that all the background apps are closed and cleared before locking the screen of your phone. This gives room for an extended battery life.

Battery usage of mobile apps

Battery usage of mobile apps

9.    Minimize the Level of Vibrations

Vibrations are known to be one of the basic battery consuming features of your phone. Almost everyone uses the vibrate feature on the phone. This is because it’s difficult to feel your phone ring without vibration. So to extend your battery life, try to minimize how often your phone vibrates.

10.    Turn Off Background Data

So many apps run on background data on the disguise of backing up. When these apps are running, the battery life is at stake. But you can actually control this. All you need to do is access settings and check those unnecessary apps running on background data and restrict them. This would definitely extend the battery life of your phone.

New Generation of Long Lasting Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have served us well for a long time, however, the time might just be up. Certain researchers are currently working on batteries which combine the superiority of lithium and Sulphur to store energy twice as dense as existing ones. One drawback, however, is that it dies out after 100 cycles, hence, research and development are going on.

Rechargeable flow batteries with increased lifespan and gelatinous electrolytes which are able to generate higher voltage are some of the recently proposed technologies in the nearest future. Solid state electrolytes for batteries are also rapidly gaining momentum.


Even though new and advanced mobile battery models are tipped to be released in the nearest future, it is important that we still adhere to these tips on how to conserve energy.

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  1. Bean Smith
    November 22, 2018 Reply

    There are many tricks to extend your mobile battery such as keep off your background application, keep low the brightness of the device, do not charge the device overnight because it may damage your battery.

  2. Chris Thomas
    November 26, 2018 Reply

    Avoid fast charging, Reduce the screen timeout, keep low the brightness of your phone, Avoid draining your phone battery. These are some useful tips to extend the lifetime of your phone.

  3. manjuprabhu59
    July 17, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for the post which is really useful for all the mobile users both technically and manually. We can understand in which point we can clear all our issues in a good place.

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